How long does it take to send parcels from China to Moscow? Delivered on the same day

According to Dragon News Russia, sending a parcel from China to Russia, it took 70 days delivery in the past.  In recent years, Cainiao has shortened the time to 10 days through the connection of the intelligent logistic backbone network.  Soon, it will be speeded up again to “deliver on the same day”.  This increasing speed start with the new cooperation between “Russian Post” and the Cainiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. on 13 February 2019.

Goods will arrive Moscow and other major cities on the same day under Sino-Russian logistics new strategy

On February 13th, “Russian Post”, one of the largest postal companies, reached a new strategic cooperation with Cainiao, prompting the speed of Sino-Russian logistics.  The Chinese exporters on China’s online retail service are expected to further reduce costs and improve efficiency in “Worldwide selling”.  Russian consumers will also receive Chinese goods faster.  In major cities such as Moscow, Cainiao overseas warehouses can even provide same day service.

It is said that the China shipping, super economy, special cargo line and four export logistics solution for overseas warehouses provided by the Cainiao network will be closely connected with “Russian Post”.  Both parties will exchange proprietary technologies in the logistics’ field including robotic warehouse management, sorting operation, automated delivery system.

According to the latest agreement, the two parties will build a logistics infrastructure in Russia.  Russian Post will provide a full range of services such as warehouses, transportation, inspection upon arrival, sorting and delivery for China’s online retail merchants.  For China’s online retail platform, Russian Post will also send additional manpower to guarantee the delivery of goods specifically.  At the same time, Cainiao and Russian Post will also carry out technical cooperation to further improve the logistic efficiency inside Russia.


China’s online retail service four major logistic solution a big step

Cainiao development in Russian market is fast.  Their network entered the Russian market at the end of 2016.  In July 2017, together with Russian Post, launched a simple registration on China’s online retail platform.  In 2018, Russian Post delivered about 320 million piece of parcels for Russian from China, most of them were from China’s online retail platform.

“We have nearly 10 million parcels to Russia each year, more than 60% of our parcels use Cainiao services.  This usually take 10 to 30 days to reach Russia.  Further, it is a one-stop delivery service, eliminating the complicated offline logistics docking and also can check the in-transit information of the goods”.  Fu Jia Cai, Logistic Director from UEB Technology, said.

At last, there are much more parcels coming from China.  Russian Post expected there will be more logistics infrastructure to be built such as 38 logistic centers.  Moreover,  more logistic companies from China will enter the Russian market.  Due to this intensive economy and technology exchange, more accuracy and efficiency are expected to the logistic system and it is a foreseeable hugh market for both parties.

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