Technology break-thru – Chinese scientists develop 3nm transistors

Chinese scientists develop transistors about the width of a human DNA strand

People have the memory of the past

There are still a lot of new articles saying that they won’t buy any transistors from China because they are of low technology and quality.  They are still living in the past about 30 years ago. There aren’t any transistors fabricated and assembled in Silicon Valley anymore.

3nm transistors technology

The most advanced computer chips on the market today use 7-nanometre transistors. Professor Yin Huaxiang said his team had developed 3nm transistors – about the width of a human DNA strand.

The smaller transistors become, the more can be fitted onto chips, increasing the performance of a processor exponentially, said Yin, deputy director of microelectronics device and integrated technology at the Institute of Microelectronics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

Transistors are the building blocks of processors. Those built with 3nm transistors would increase computing speed and cut energy consumption, Yin said. So, a smartphone user, for instance, could play games that demanded lots of computing power all day without the need to recharge batteries.


The author was the global business manager of the Discrete division of National Semiconductor in Silicon Valley in the late 80’s. He believes that transistors and diodes manufactured from China are of high quality and performance.

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