Top 10 Alibaba Scams

He said, “these don’t apply solely to Alibaba but to all popular B2B platforms that involve a large number of wholesale suppliers from China. But as Alibaba is the most popular platform, I will use examples from there.”

written in 2015 by Andrew Minalto.

The Top 10

  1. Sending FAKE branded goods!
  2. Selling BRANDED goods but delivering nothing!
  3. Unverified Alibaba profile for a UK or US company!
  4. Sending money to the boss’ bank account
  5. Asking for additional payment for customs clearance
  6. Selling fake DVDs, software, video games, Blu-rays
  7. Refusing to send samples.
  8. Only accepting payment via Western Union!
  9. Selling FAKE memory products!
  10. Invoice made to a personal bank account.

Don’t live in the past

Now, in the year 2019, Alibaba and other B2B platforms have improved so much in terms of total sales, product quality, and scam control. Alibaba has become the world’s biggest 10 companies.

The reason why we want to buy products from China is that they are cheap, very completed offerings and sometimes very innovative.


Just the follow these 3 simple rules, you will definitely avoid the scam or reduce the risk:

  1. Use Paypal or credit card for payment so that you will be able to get a refund in the case of scam.
  2. Don’t buy expensive products, anything higher than US$ 30.
  3. Don’t buy famous International brands and buy local brands only.

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