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Are you going to buy a transistor from brick and mortar store or online?  Are you going to buy a transistor from a reputable source with expensive price or from China with attractive price?

Not many people can easily find a local store and there are a lot of buyers shopping online for a transistor.  It’s always good to read the product rating and comment.  As there are many saying china’s transistors are often fake, however, product rating are almost 5 stars from people in different countries, so people cannot be wrong?

The main concern is your budget.  Some transistors with high price are also counterfeit.

Counterfeits Index

MJ15003/4 Power Transistors   Updated 01 July 2008
Sanken 2SA1216 and the NPN type 2SC2922 – Other similar ‘Sanken’ devices are also affected
2SA1302 and 2SC3281 (Toshiba) Found all over the world! The ones seen are all marked Toshiba.
OP-07 Opamps From a reader in India
2N2773 Power Transistors Purchased in Singapore, something of a haven for fake parts resellers!
NTE36 and NTE37 I am told these are equivalent to 2SC2581 and 2SA1106 – not confirmed, but highly suspect
LM3915 LED VU Meter From another reader in India, and reproduced (almost) verbatim
Toshiba 2SA1943 (and presumably 2SC5200) – this had to happen, and was only a matter of time.
2N3773 Allegedly made by someone calling themselves ‘MEV’ (not the real MEV company though – see below for the history)
MJL21193/4 ON Semi MJL21193/4 (branded Motorola)   (Update – 08 Jan 2007)
2SA1386 and 2SC3519 Sanken (branded IEC)
BU505 and MJE8502 ST and On-Semi   (01 Jul 2008)
IEEE Bogus Report Counterfeiting – A Worldwide And Industry-Wide Problem   (13 Feb 2011)
MEV Transistors Some history and photos of genuine MEV transistors, made in Hungary between 1982 and 1986   (16 Aug 2012)
Hitachi electrolytic capacitors   Not the first of the fake caps, but it won’t be the last either   (Sep 2012, Nov 2016)
2SC4029 and 2SA1553 Toshiba Power Transistors   (Jul 2018)
TL072 Opamps You may wonder why, but anything is possible from our favourite on-line auction site   (Nov 2018)
AD633 Analogue Multipliers This AU$22 IC can be bough for as little as $2 (Oh, really!)   (Sep 2019)
2N6209, MJ15024/ 25 2N6209, MJ15024/ 25 power transistors, dating back to the 2000s.  Not much info unfortunately (Oct 2019)

 Reference :

China’s semiconductor industry migration path

Policies and markets help China’s semiconductor industry develop rapidly.  The largest consumer segment in the semiconductor industry, it has long occupied more than 80% of global semiconductor sales. “Made in China 2025” raised the development of integrated circuits to a national strategy. In June 2014, the “National Integrated Circuit Industry Development Promotion Outline” was announced. The semiconductor industry and related materials will receive sufficient policy concessions in China.

With the market pull and policy support, China’s IC industry has developed rapidly, the overall strength has improved significantly, the gap between IC design and manufacturing capabilities and international advanced level has been shrinking, and packaging and testing technology has gradually approached the international advanced level.

I believe the technology of manufacturing semiconductor from China will be getting more stable.  You may also consider dealing with whether parts were genuine or not. As long as it works, it was not about the quality of counterfeit vs non-counterfeit goods.

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